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For more information about becoming a member, please contact us at 419-445-2222.

Membership Investment Schedule

We always want your Chamber membership to work for your business while providing maximum value, so to ensure that every one of our members is getting exactly what they need, we provide several membership investment levels – each with its own mix of services to give you the resources and level of exposure you’re looking for.
Organization Types
Business & Industry
1-5 employees
$ 250.00
6-25 employees
$ 300.00
26-75 employees
$ 450.00
76-150 employees
$ 600.00
151-250 employees
$ 850.00
251-350 employees
351-500 employees
Over 500 employees
The base rate is based on the number of full-time equivalent employees of the parent corporation. Corporations operating two or more businesses with separate business names pay $100 for each additional business. This provides separate listings on the website, in advertising and as a Gift Certificate participating retailer.
An employee includes all owners, partners, etc.
Two part time employees = 1 full time employee
Financial Institutions
Under $50 million in deposits
$50 million – $100 million in deposits
Over $100 million in deposits
Utility Companies
One pricing tier
Businesses open for sales 6 months or less each year
Schools, Churches, Service Clubs and Organizations, Government, Public officials, Non-profit businesses
Non-business membership. Some benefits do not apply
AACC Membership Plus Sponsor Investment
See chart of Membership Plus Sponsorship benefits HERE.